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JC Mobile Billboards can help you stand out!

Our LED Trucks are revolutionizing the “Out of Home” (OOH) advertising and marketing industries with their impressive outdoor advertising capabilities! Our mobile digital billboard trucks can deliver targeted content to specific markets while on the move. Seize your audience’s attention at your next event with our cutting-edge digital LED screens. Our mobile billboard trucks are ready to make an impact!

Our LED billboard trucks have two 640 inch wide by 256 inches tall 3.9 pixel 4k HD displays on both sides. Plus one 512 inch wide by 256 inch tall, 3.9 pixel 4k HD display at the rear of the vehicle.

Our screens offer independent playback of both motion and static content, immersing viewers in millions of vibrant colors. With a pixel pitch of just 6 mm, our LED screens deliver stunning imagery that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. From gaming to live streaming, these versatile assets cater to a wide range of popular uses. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve even integrated built-in speakers to provide the ultimate audio/video experience! By harmonizing the power of mobile billboards and television, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind advertising solution that will captivate your customers beyond measure.

Our cost-effective mobile billboards are ideal for product launches, grand openings, election campaigns, telecom ads, and provide a fantastic opportunity for brands to gain significant exposure during sporting events or trade shows.

Get in touch with us now to bring mobile digital billboard advertisements to your next event using our fleet of trucks!